Certificate of Reflective Teaching Program

The Program is designed to provide support and recognition for faculty members at NC State who are dedicated to improving their teaching and learning more about pedagogy.  The program helps faculty members move towards becoming scholarly teachers.  Scholarly teachers “view teaching as a profession and the knowledge base on teaching and learning as a second discipline in which to develop expertise” (McKinney, 2007, p. 9).  Scholarly teachers “do things such as reflect on their teaching, use classroom assessment techniques, discuss teaching issues with colleagues, try new things, and read and apply the literature on teaching and learning” (McKinney, 2007, p. 9).

The Certificate of Reflective Teaching program serves three main purposes.  First, it provides instructors the opportunity to learn pedagogical skills and information about teaching not necessarily gained during formal training in graduate school, helping them become more scholarly teachers.  Second, the Certificate allows instructors to gain recognition for their efforts to become more intentional, reflective teachers who incorporate best practices in teaching in higher education.  Finally, the program allows faculty members the opportunity to meet other faculty members outside their home departments who are dedicated to improving their teaching.

Program Format & Curriculum
Application Process
Benefits of Participation and Relationship to Strategic Plan