|RED| Inclusive Teaching Certification

The Inclusive Teaching Certification |ITC| is designed for faculty and teaching graduate students to reflect on multiple facets of inclusive teaching, encompassing the creation of a welcoming, equitable course climate, the design and implementation of accessible and inclusive classroom practices and assessments, and the selection and implementation of inclusive, diverse course content. Participants will engage with key concepts in inclusive teaching and learn from various stakeholders on our campus and other institutions of higher education who share their important research on student development, Universal Design for Learning, intercultural competence, and intrapersonal awareness. Participants will develop the resources for applying inclusive course pedagogical practices that support all learners.

Certification Format, Scope, and Sequence

Graphic of the 5 ITC Essential Competencies

Accepted program participants will complete reflective activities and one module for each of the five essential competencies:

  • Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Awareness and Perspectives
  • Cultural Relevance and Responsiveness
  • Community and Belonging
  • Access and Empowerment

In order to fulfill the requirements of the certification, accepted faculty participants must choose and attend one module for each competency. Attendance is all asynchronous — online, at their own pace.

|RED| ITC Catalog

The |RED| ITC Catalog outlines the modules from which to choose for each of the competencies. Please do not register for any module sessions in REPORTER until accepted into the program and registered in the certificate by the facilitator in REPORTER. Faculty participants will be notified via University email of their acceptance and provided instructions.

OFE is now accepting ITC applications!

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Applications for the Academic Year 2022-23 will be accepted through September 30, 2022.


Who is eligible for the ITC?

The Certification is open to all NC State faculty, full- and part-time faculty, as well as teaching graduate students and postdocs.

How do I participate in the ITC?

Applications for certification are accepted in the fall of each year. Participants will be notified via University email of their acceptance and provided instructions.

How long can I take to complete the program?

Participants should complete the certification within the 2022-2023 academic year. The certification can be achieved in one semester, with diligence. We encourage participants to succinctly complete all modules and reflective activities.

Is there a cost for the certification?

No, there is no charge to participate.

Do previous professional learning experiences count toward certification?

Because certification relies on applying reflective strategies to design/re-design a course, prior sessions/experiences will not satisfy certification requirements.

Is the certification offered online?

Yes. Participants complete the entire certification asynchronously online.

For additional questions, please contact Maria Gallardo-Williams