NC State is a pre-eminent research enterprise that takes its role in solving problems, building partnerships, bringing people together, engaging students, and creating prosperity for the state, nation and world seriously. Research at NC State makes a powerful difference in people’s lives, whether it’s finding new ways of predicting hurricanes or discovering alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. During the 2012-13 fiscal year, NC State and its various enterprises created $6.5 billion in added income to the North Carolina economy, which is estimated to be equivalent to creating 91,505 new jobs.

These resources will assist faculty to engage in a variety of aspects of the research process, from finding funding sources, writing the proposal, gaining IRB approval, submission and implementation, and dissemination.

The Office of Research, Innovation + Economic Development

Faculty Research Proposal Resources

Find assistance with proposal development, project management, compliance assistance and knowledge transfer from the Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS) office. Services include negotiation of agreements, administration of funded projects, management of intellectual property and compliance with regulatory requirements governing the use of human and animal subjects, export controls, and the maintenance of objectivity and integrity in your scholarly exploration. The SPARCS Resources and Tools for Faculty outline will walk you through the most frequently asked questions.

The Research Development Office Training and Toolkit

NCSU Research Development and Grant Writing Newsletter

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

eIRB (NC State’s online IRB submission system)

The Office of Contracts and Grants is responsible for post-award administration of contracts and grants awarded to the University, establishing policies and procedures consistent with the federal regulation policy manuals, providing guidance in assessing the reasonableness of costs, and financial compliance.

College Research Offices

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Poole College of Management

College of Natural Resources

College of Sciences

NCSU Libraries Services

Anatomy of a scholarly article tutorial

Videos and interactive guides

The Provost’s Office Information on understanding copyright

The Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center

Guidelines for the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository

Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program

In 2011, NC State launched the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program (CFEP) to bring together the brightest minds in a range of academic disciplines and give them the support to tackle global issues. Our new faculty clusters are adding more than 75 new faculty members in 20 select fields to enhance the breadth and depth of our solution-driven research and innovation. They build on our historic strengths in the sciences, engineering, math, design, textiles, humanities and social sciences, and education. And they take those strengths in bold new directions. The clusters program is essential to accomplishing the goals of our strategic plan: supporting student success by exposing them to an innovative, interdisciplinary culture; enhancing scholarship and research through investments in faculty and infrastructure; and boosting interdisciplinary research to address society’s grand challenges.

Other Research and Assessment Resources

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Research Ethics, Scholarly Integrity, and Responsible Conduct of Research

Responsible Conduct for Research Learning Modules are a set of online modules each addressing a particular topic in research ethics.

Faculty Resources for working with Postdocs

Resources for Postdocs (NC State Office of Postdoctoral Affairs)

Creating Effective Poster Presentations

Learn about assessment and analysis by reviewing resources of University Planning and Analysis.

For your applied research and program evaluation needs, contact the Center for Urban Affairs and Community Services (CUACS). This program serves the University community, state and local governments, and non-profit agencies.

Interdisciplinary centers and institutes are one catalyst for marrying traditional disciplines and spawning new, cutting-edge bodies of knowledge. At NC State University, our commitment to interdisciplinary scholarly pursuit, including research, instruction and service to the public is rich in history and quality.

The Statistical Consulting Core (SCC) is a fee-for-service unit in the Department of Statistics to help support investigators across campus with their statistical needs. The SCC will provide study design, analytical and programming support for researchers at NC State or outside clients. It is their goal to create a collaborative relationship that will provide investigators with software, hardware and analytical support related to their research questions at any stage in the study process. They will provide support (free of charge) for grant applications and proposals, and can assist with analysis at any level (from study design through the generation of figures and text for papers) for research projects. The costs for these services can be included in a proposal budget. If you have a project that you think might benefit from statistical support, please contact Dr. Betsy Scholl directly at