Evaluation of Teaching at NC State

NC State provides a range of methods for the evaluation of teaching.

Each department conducts periodic peer reviews of their faculty members’ teaching .  Example policies and more information about the process of the Peer Review of Teaching is available here.

Faculty may choose to have their students complete mid-semester evaluations  to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement before the term concludes.

At the end of each term, students are given the opportunity to provide feedback to faculty members via ClassEval.

A standing Evaluation of Teaching Committee assures that practices required by the Evaluation of Teaching Regulation are appropriate and accurately reflect the needs of faculty and students.

OFD, in conjunction with the Evaluation of Teaching Committee, has developed a document with easy tips for improving response rates on your end-of-semester evaluations.

Please click here to view the ClassEvalFAQ: ClassEvalFAQ

Other Resources

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